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2014 BMW M4 Renders

The all new upcoming 2014 BMW M4 Renders. BMW's newest M4 model.

BMW still isn’t staying much about this car, but rumor has is the M4 will be simply a rebadging of the M3 coupe. Even so, there are some notable changes included in the engine design for this soon to be announced car.

Onto the powerplant now, same debate: new, revolutionary V6 engine vs. inline-six turbocharged unit. We went back and forth over the last few months on what the final choice may be, and reports from our sources are still conflicting with each other. Latest one from another source brings back the idea of a V6.

Car and Drivers said recently that the new V6 will be the first to mount its two twin-scroll turbochargers within the vee-angle, mirroring the company’s 4.4-liter V8 design. The This unique-to-BMW approach reduces the length of the inlet tract compared with a regular turbo-vee setup, helping to sharpen throttle response and minimizing heat buildup after air passes through the intercooler. A 60-degree V6 will also offer the best balance, but a 90-degree angle is needed to fit the two turbos.”

Albert Biermann, head of product development at M, states that the new M3 or M4 will not have torque vectoring; instead, look for an electronically controlled differential as found in the M5.

2014 BMW M4 Renders new model design. The newest car automobile generation for the BMW M3.


source bmwblog


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