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Angry Muffin Interview

Angry Muffin Interview

Who is Angry Muffin? Besides the awesome name, there is a whole lot of well put together, passionate much behind the brand! We get a chance to ask a few questions and learn a bit more about the artist.

Angry Muffin is such a unique name, can you explain the story behind your name?

Everybody always tells me I am angry. They seem to overlook all of the beautiful and interesting moments I provide them, and constantly refer to few minutes per day I feel anger. I have always hated that. I eventually just surrendered to the moniker and went with it, naming my music after the phenomenon.  As for the muffin…well…obviously because I am a muffin.  Would you like some wake ups?  Effies? Some anti-depressants to snort? God.

How long have you been doing music?

Wow Aristotle, you are really getting deep now. Did your head hurt when you were conjuring up this intellectual powerhouse of an interview?  20 years. Electronic for 14.

Can you tell us what has been the most exciting part of working on your first album?

The most exciting part was going into a completely different direction than I am used to. I abandoned my old project, its increasingly bland message, and all the people who like that sort of un-expressive ‘beat programming’. I began to see an unfinished song as an empty canvas – unlimited in stylistic scope – and my palette as a group of tools derived from all my favorite music genres.  I stopped being afraid to just throw things in there.  I jammed them in head first and just made them work. Eventually I just found a rhythm and everything just stuck together in a really nice way. A sound was born.

What has been your biggest challenge  in the music industry so far?

Dealing with people who think they know everything about everything, yet who’s weakness and ignorance are as obvious as Tiesto’s lack of musical background (Oh come on, he can take a hit..God knows he can pay for the meds). The saddening part is that these are the people you have to work with if you want to get your music to a large audience. You can’t just get angry at them and tell them what they really are:  peasants with overblown egos and no eye for talent.. You have to sugarcoat your conversations with a layer of respect you simply don’t have for them. It is demeaning. Imagine the dismay in convincing someone to sign you to their ‘record label’ while you can taste your own vomit inching its way up your esophagus.

An Exclusive Interview with Angry Muffin

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Somewhere in Europe, in a country with beautiful women that never gets fully cold. I will be eating a lot of asparagus and sampling many cheeses. I will ride on trains often and have a well maintained swimming pool. I will probably be touring regularly, but not too much. I like to spend more time producing new music than I do playing old material. Touring isn’t creating when it comes to electronic music, its some type of ‘funnish re-creating’.  It is a nice time, but not the finest part of the art.

Is there anyone in the music industry who inspires you to create beautiful music?

Not really. No.

What’s next for you? Any exciting projects you would like to share with us?

I am in the middle of an exciting project right now, yes. It is called the ‘Angry Muffin moves to Montreal because the women there are friendlier and people in general are more genuine Project’.  It is a wonderful project indeed. It is where I leave this hipster infested, corporately dominated moral wasteland and head to a place which has a shred of human decency….and much better poutine. I think it will be great for musical inspiration. Montreal is definitely the greatest city in Canada in terms of quality people and a good time.

Where can the readers find you?

Everywhere:  Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Soundcloud, Tumbler and my official site. Be sure to go to my site and watch the Angry Muffin documentary. I think you will find it quite entertaining and provocative.






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