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Are we Really in the Post-PC Era?

Short answer is no. Microsoft is big on this idea of living in an era with no PCs and more hybrid devices, yet I feel that we aren’t. While Microsoft did come up with this ecosystem strategy that is post-PC which has taken years to accomplish; before Windows 7 went on sale, it isn’t to come to the extent on which is being advertised as.

We aren’t in the post-PC era as if we were, gaming would be accessible on laptops and tablets. I mean the latest games. Forza 5, Batman Arkham Origins, COD Ghosts, if we were in the post-PC, we could be playing these games on our Dell Venue Pros’ or Microsoft Surfaces’. These hybrid devices are not capable of this level of gaming. While, these devices may be able to play some games, they do not compensate as well as what current laptops/computers can do. If you cranked up the gaming quality to maximum, you run into your first issue. Most of these hybrid devices don’t have a 1080p or 4K screen. The specs on these devices are not yet as high as some of these laptops on the market. Even if they did, pricing would be through the roof. Let’s say for the sake of argument that Microsoft did come up with a gaming Surface.  Who would want to play games on a 10.6″ screen? Defining the term of post-PC means devices that are more portable. Yet, we cannot have a sufficient gaming experience of a small screen. Current gaming PCs have a minim of 1 screen that is usually over 20″. If we were in the post-PC era, we wouldn’t have the issue of gaming becoming a step backwards and devices sky rocketing in price due to the computer parts having to be smaller and more compact.

We aren’t in the post-PC due to companies still selling the traditional mouse and keyboard layout with no touchscreen. This has really pissed Microsoft off, as PCs will not come with Windows 7 anymore and Microsoft has cut retail for Windows 7. My laptop that I use is a Lenovo ThinkPad Edge, that doesn’t have a touch screen,  and you can still buy them. Getting a touchscreen PC just for the sake of it doesn’t make sense. Why? Because there purely isn’t enough software to fully work with touch. Software that is optimized for touch, tends to be poorer than software optimized for mouse and keyboard. Having to develop a program with having touch as an orientation, tends to mean software with less depth. Instead of having a rectangular button that takes very little space, in touch, you have to have a circular button with a circumference of at least 1.5cm. While software becomes more beautiful, functionality suffers. In touch, there are no more menus, making features vanish from the transition of mouse and keyboard to touch. With devices being sold, it strengthens my argument on why we aren’t in the post-PC  era. 

We aren’t in the post-PC due to Windows being the only operating system to adopt the idea. Apple hasn’t made a touch Mac or OSX Touch, Ubuntu tried, but that has gotten no where. Linux Mint, Zorin, Elementary, SolydX to name just 3 operating systems that have not adopted the touch idea or being in a post-PC era. What doesn’t make sense is why we needed to even get into the idea of being in the post-PC era. What was wrong with keyboard and mouse? Everything was working fine, that change and transition wasn’t needed.

Overall, we simply aren’t ready to fully participate in the establishment of moving away from traditional computers. If Windows 8 came out 5 years down the track, then we would be ready, the transition isn’t needed.

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