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AT&T Revises Throttling Policy; 5GB on LTE and 3GB on others




The unlimited plan has basically become an insurance plan in so that you are paying the same price per month as the regular tiered subscribers on the 3GB plan, however you don’t have to worry about paying an overage charge. The LTE plan, while still a bit better, is still ridiculous. If at&t were honorable they would simply throttle data at cell nodes instead based on usage. Of course, they are a money-hungry corporation like the rest and this trend will slowly find its way across all carriers.

AT&T on Thursday announced a revision to its smartphone data throttling policy, which impacts users who have chosen to retain the unlimited smartphone data plan AT&T discontinued some time ago. AT&T’s policy had been ambiguous until now, with the carrier stating simply that the top 5% of smartphone users would experience slowed data speeds until a new billing period began. It was unclear how much data a subscriber had to use in order to approach the top 5%, however, and a number of reports claimed users were being throttled after using 2GB of data or even less.

Now, AT&T is clarifying that it will only begin throttling smartphone users with 4G LTE devices after 5GB of data has been used in a single billing period, and subscribers with non-LTE devices will be throttled after 3GB of usage. It has also been reported that AT&T increased the speeds experienced by users while their data speeds are being throttled, but a company spokesperson declined to comment. AT&T’s full statement follows below.



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