Published on July 23rd, 2015 | by Ramon Trotman


B1ZB1Z With A Classic Remix of Bastille’s ‘Flaws’

Hailing from Tel Aviv, the B1ZB1Z boys have been busy in the studio adding to their stellar line of sultry and hypnotic originals and remixes. This summer they have put their magic touch on Bastille’s 2011 hit ‘Flaws’ and as expected – they’ve come up a rework that’s hit the mark again. Their creative and musical approach to remixing has made the B1ZB1Z remix catalogue a treasure chest of glowing tracks that excel beyond the conventional remix approach. With a true understanding of melody and groove – the guys have made it their trademark to create reworks that sound like an extension of the originals. Their ability to make remixes sound more like collaborations than remixes is something that only a select few minds in the business can get close to. A mix of endearing Indie Dance, House and Nu Disco – there’s a timeless sound to what B1ZB1Z output and that’s not something you hear all too often in the electronic music world.

Dreamy intro synths start the rework, which holds a stocky kick from the beginning. A deep bass synth pulses a singular note through the intro. The main synth sounds like a cross between a classic Chiptune square, layered with a brass-like lead and the link up between the two tones makes for a satisfying aural experience. The mid section introduces a lengthy and memorable keys solo, which glides over the higher mid frequencies, rolling off the bass notes and under the resampled vocal phrases from the original track. Perhaps the most impressive part of the production is the mix itself, which is full of life and smart dynamic positioning. The bass, synths, keys and vocals are given ample space to breathe and the detailed touches on the placement of each and how they sit together makes this B1ZB1Z rework a seriously enjoyable listen. The stereo width is loaded and the higher frequencies shimmer with life creating an atmosphere that is a treat for the ears to appreciate. Most of the vocals have been left aside, which keeps the remix sounding original and fresh – something few remixes pull off with this level of precision. The whole remix is more like an original piece with a few nods to Bastille peppered to taste – something that these skilled producers do so well, time and time again.

B1ZB1Z are rightly developing a following of lucky listeners that have caught onto their sound early and with the persistent quality that is available in bundles in everything that they touch – we’re expecting to see that fan base grow exponentially in the not so distant future.



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