Published on July 17th, 2013 | by Tawann Guice


Blackberry Messenger Rumored For A Possible Android September Release But Have They Already #FAILED


I should be kind of enthusiastic about the release of Blackberry’s prized BBM app to other operating systems but I just can’t see the need to be happy. For all intense and purpose Blackberry is pretty much on their last leg. Now Allow me to put it to you in laymen’s terms… If you start a business by selling paper airplanes, make a great deal of money, then people opt to no longer purchase you paper airplanes because Joe Schmoe makes paper airplanes with a with better paper, Its likely that you will loose out in the end. So hindsight, selling your paper airplanes in Joe Schmoe’s store doesn’t mean for a rejuvenated business, it pretty much means that you are bleeding out and are looking for the quickest blood transfusion that you can find. I hate to sound as harsh as I do but companies with as much revenue to work with as Blackberry still does have, should be working with a much better R&D department. Blackberry brass need a wake up call, and those that are responsible for researching what it is that the public wants and or would like to see; should be fired at this point.

The Blackberry Z10 was a well designed and futile attempt at recapturing the fans that they once had, but constructing a device that in so many ways resembled the iPhone 5 was not the way. Staying true to what made Blackberry wonderful is what was required. Blackberry was and still may very well be the best communication device on the market. Email, Text, Instant messaging! How do you reinvent the wheel? That is very simple, you don’t!! You make it better, but at this late hour has time ran out for Blackberry??

I predict a merger in the very near future, that is the only possible saving grace for Blackberry. What do you think?




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