Published on July 17th, 2013 | by Tawann Guice


Busta Rhymes Returns With Part 2 to The Classic Album Extinction Level Event


Once upon a time in the nineties; there were two thing that you just knew you could count on being something that you had to purchase. One was a pair of the new Air Jordan sneakers, the second was a Busta Rhymes album. I can’t say that I can recall buying a Busta album and being totally dissatisfied with what I heard. Sometime with the change in times and the spawn of new music styles, Rappers that we have come to know, love and respect can get lost in what has become popular now. Busta Rhymes NEVER fell off, he just got older, a fact that will simply plague everyone striving to stay relevant in the music industry.

Like before, having not shy away from a new Busta Rhymes album purchase, neither shall I do so now! So I welcome the new Extinction Level Event Part 2 with open ears. Busta has not let me down in almost twenty years, I don’t think he will start now. He will be releasing the E.L.E. 2 album under the YMCMB label making for a solid backing. We can expect the album out pretty soon. Check out the Teaser trailer to the album below.




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