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Dell Creates Their Own Large Size Tablet, Following Footsteps Of The Asus Transformer AiO

XPS Tab Full Set up

2013 is slowly but surely shaping up to be the year of BIG devices; both literally and figuratively. Figuratively speaking, machines like the Surface Pro, Sony VAIO Duo 11, HP Elites and so on have made their definitive marks on the current state of technology. Portable, functional, well powered and in some cases; over priced. Now on to a more literal sense of the word BIG! The Asus Transformer AiO and the newly announced Dell XPS 18 in which both machines double as an All-In-One and Tablet device. You may or may not be thinking that these features would not make for a grand scale device until later finding out the both devices are equipped with 18.4 inches of glorious display. Prepare to be wowed again!

Dell XPS Tab

I have always been partial to the idea of; “The Bigger, The Better”, both Asus and Dell have seemed to nail this theory two fold. I shutter at the idea of owning a ‘tower’ machine and running such as a primary use machine, and personally I feel that Tower PC’s should be run as home servers and will soon be extinct from the family of home / office computing. (Remember I said; “Personally feel”) Which one of you, the reader, would sacrifice space and portability by purchasing a well powered Tower machine when you can achieve the same type of power without consuming loads of space and having the option of being portable at the same time? I am so willing to bet the farm on the latter! Let be frank about it, unless you are some big time computer hacker who requires loads or power to surf the web and or are a PC Gamer fearing the soon to be Zombie Apocalypse, living a Hobbit lifestyle on a couch in your Mom’s basement (see: Live Free Or Die Hard) doubtful that you would require a GPU the size of a Netbook.

Knock Hockey On Dell Tablet

This time around; Dell brings it all into perspective with the XPS 18, 18 for the 18.4 inches of screen size. Just from a first glance the XPS 18 would appear to come out of the box with the wireless keyboard and mouse, along with an upright cradle stand which may or may not come packaged with the device. One would think it should! The specs are gracious with your choice of Intel processors (i3-17), Ram as needed, and no different with drive space. SSD drives have pretty much proven themselves to me, and this would seem to be the go to with most newer devices utilizing tablet style displays. Multi touch functions will be present, allowing for a multiple user experience.

Dell XPS Tab BackXPS Tab Foot

Aluminum body construction has been most companies go to when designing their own iteration of todays must have devices. This is due to it’s light weight, durability and thermodynamics. Magnetized kick stands fold outward for an upright display when not used with the cradle.

SD SLotCradle With Charging Dock

An additional SD slot is always a plus considering the reach of the current SSD internal drives, and a companies insight on making the device economical for potential customers.  Nothing over the top appears to be integrated into the cradle other than charging capabilities, unlike the Asus Transformer AiO in which it is speculated that the processors drives and so on; that power the Windows 8 operating system would be stationed. The dock will allow for charging alone without any further features.

Dell XPS FlatUpright Cradle

The screens aspect ratio would seem to share the same oddity with that of Asus T-AiO. Maybe its me but Windows 8 just seem to look better on smaller screen sizes. 10 inch screens being the target mark for optimal visualization, and anything beyond 11 inches looking a bit bloated.

The debacles that have arisen about where  a machine like this would find a home seems a bit off mark. Where wouldn’t this device be; seems much more answerable. The answer would be everywhere! All-In-One PCs arrived a few years ago displaying the wonderful world of Windows 7 in a light that seemed to be cast only be Apple with the iMac. The HP touch smart was a PC that was ahead of it’s time simply because; as good as it may have been, there simply was no Windows 8 present to make it better. All-In-One machines are unique in the scheme of personal computing, but to the subconscious mind it would appear all around remarkable because they remind us of our current  televisions. Our LEDs, LCDs, and plasmas with their flat panels make for an in home uniformity relative to that of an all-in-one pc. It is machines like this that makes the Windows 8 user experience that much more refreshing. Pricing for the Dell XPS 18 should just about be on par with the Asus T-AiO so you can expect numbers around the $1200 mark.

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