Auto DuPont Registry Presents The Delivery Of The Lamborghini Veneno

Published on January 25th, 2014 | by Tawann Guice


DuPont Registry Presents: The Delivery Of The Lamborghini Veneno

DuPont Registry Presents The Delivery Of The Lamborghini Veneno


Introducing The Lamborghini Veneno

Now in case you know about as much as I know, then you knew not of how this particular Lamborghini looked or what it was spec’d at. Needless to say you just, didn’t know! I will now bring you to an individual that not only “knows” but has!  Kris Singh is the proud new owner of a $4,106,000 Lamborghini Veneno, the most expensive production car in the world as we know it. In fact this car makes the Bugatti Veyron whatever look like a Honda Accord, well actually no, it doesn’t but really does it matter. If you were ever wondering what the difference between a Super Car and an Ultra Car were, here you have it.


What is the The Lamborghini Veneno about?

The Lamborghini Veneno is technically the most powerful Lambo the company has ever pushed to assault, it is producing a crazy 740hp from factory from a hand built 6.5 liter V12 power-plant. If you are doing the math, that gets you up to 220mph, well then! At those speeds, you can imagine a good deal of magic needs to be done with aerodynamics and down-force to make sure this thing actually stays on the ground, which explains its hyper look.

Videos of the The Lamborghini Veneno




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