Published on April 18th, 2012 | by Ramon Trotman


Glass Smart Phone/Tablet

Glass Smart Phone Tablet

Although only a concept, it would be sweet if this was a true glimpse into our future.

The Glass Smart Phone/Tablet is a concept for the future smart phone; edge to edge, and totally transparent.
It has front and rear facing 3D cameras for tracking motion of both the scenery and the user. Together they can create fully tracked augmented reality, and couple with a 3D screen that needs no glasses, everything will look as if it is actually there.

The screen is also totally transparent. All the electronics are held in the tiny multifunctional on/off button, thanks to advances in microscopic electronic components.

Glass Smart Phone Tablet 2Glass Smart Phone Tablet 3Glass Smart Phone Tablet 4Glass Smart Phone Tablet 5Glass Smart Phone Tablet 6Glass Smart Phone Tablet 7Glass Smart Phone Tablet 8


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