Published on August 4th, 2016 | by Ramon Trotman

Instagram Stories AKA Snapchat?! What?!

For a while now, Instagram and Snapchat although being their own giants, were able to exist alongside each other. Personally speaking, I was fine with using Instagram as my main social media outlet for my photography, and adopting Snapchat as my corner of the social media world where I goof off for friends to enjoy.

But, with the introduction of Instagram Stories, things got a bit more confusing. Instagram introduced the ability to upload images and short videos with a 24 hour expiration date and its own section of the news feed. Also introduced were filters and ability to draw. Sounds Familiar?

Tune in as we talk about how Facebook (who owns Instagram) has a long history of this bulling behavior and what this could mean for Snapchat.

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