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iOS Jailbreak devs using extreme tactics to outsmart Apple

iOS Jailbreak devs now going to extreme tactics to outsmart Apple

Could this be the beginning of the Wild Wild West for Apple and the iOS community? The story starts at the new iOS betas. The Devs have been playing a cat and mouse game with Apple in every way possible, and as it stands, they’ve been winning. Practically every version of the beta was Jailbroken and done so with ease.

Now that the production revision is available, there is no Jailbreak to be had. The community is getting restless, iPhone 4S suckers buys are growing frustrated, devs are feeling the pressure and Apple is currently wining. This might all change fairly soon. It turns out Apple resorted to using an error reporting tool to sniff out what exploits were being used. Not just any error reporting tool, the very tool that belonged to the Jailbreak devs themselves.

Determined not to be beat at the game of dirty tricks, the dev team has now come up with a genius method to capture crash reports being sent to Apple, and have them sent to themselves. This means, the data you would have been sending to Apple to “help improve the product,” would not be sent to the dev team to help keep the spirit of stealing apps alive. Im sure some folks would argue different, but I have not met one person with a Jailbroken device who didn’t do so for stolen apps.

Using this agglomeration of your crash reports and our ninja skills, Chronic Dev will be able to quickly pinpoint vulnerabilities in various programs by using the same techniques Apple currently employs. At the very least, your data will help point us in the direction of which applications are the most vulnerable, so we can focus our time & energy on these with laser-like intensity. And, of course, this will also prevent Apple from accessing all your valuable data, just so they can then turn around and use it against you.

Is this where Apple loses control? Is there where the lack of respect on the behalf of both parties disappears? How will Apple react to this? Only time will tell.


source 9to5mac

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