Published on August 3rd, 2011 | by Ramon Trotman


iPad’s ‘Design Efficiencies’ Make It Tough For Other Tablets to Compete

iPad's 'Design Efficiencies' Make It Tough For Other Tablets to Compete

As if we didn’t all know this already.

“These efficiencies become obvious in areas like the memory and the battery, where Apple maintains advantages in cost, space savings and performance compared with every competitor in the business.”
Other tablet makers employ operating systems from third-party firms—such as Google Inc., which provides the Android software used in most competitive products on the market today. Many of these tablet makers also outsource the blueprints of their products to third parties, employing reference designs and design services from contract manufacturers.
This contrasts with the model employed by Apple, which uses its own operating system and maintains tight control of its design, components and contract manufacturers.

love em or hate em, apple is not releasing the pressure any time soon! make the jump for more.


source macrumors

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