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Is Your Luxury Handbag Real or Fake? Here’s How to Tell…

Have you recently bought a luxury bag second hand or off of your neighborhood booster and are wondering if your latest steal was worth it? If so, you’re in luck! We will show you all of the things you should look for while inspecting a luxury bags authenticity; materials, hardware, lining, lettering & embossing, codes, cards, packaging and features. Read these small passages carefully and become knowledgeable of what you’re carrying. It could be the real deal or it just may be a fake.

Louis Vuitton

Make sure that the LV’s line up in straight lines. Also, the stitching should be tight and even. Be sure to study the correct fonts for heat stamps and date codes.

How to tell if your Louis Vuitton is fake. Be aware of your Bag lifestyle.



Often the bales are one of the keys to authenticating a Balenciaga. The bales should be thick and rounded not thin or square-this is the part that connects the handles to the bag. Also, the notches in rivets will be rounded and not square.

How to tell if your Balenciaga is fake or real. Your lifestyle of bags is important.


Chanel handbags have signature hologram stickers that have changed a lot over the past decade. It is important to keep up-to-date on the latest trends. Prior to the 1980’s, Chanel bags did not have hologram stickers or cards. There are other ways to ensure your vintage bag is authentic like fonts, heat stamps, alignment of patchwork, etc.

If you are into handbag lifestyle, then you should know if your Chanel is fake or not.


Marc Jacobs

Make sure that each MJ bag has a seasoned code and a riri lampo or MJ zipper.

Your handbag lifestyle is good if you know a fake Marc Jacobs from a real one.



The GG’s should line up symmetrically.


A great handbag lifestyle dictates you know how to tell apart a real Gucci from others.



Prada bags are some of the hardest to authenticate. Each style has unique linings, zippers, materials and hardware, so don’t make the purchase without an authenticity card.

A real Prada should be easy to notice. Your handbag lifestyle relies on whether you know it's fake or not.



Every Fendi comes with a hologram sticker and a serial tag.

A real Fendi should be noticeable.  Check this Fendi handbag lifestyle.


All Chloe’s have a genuine serial number. An authenticator will know how to assess the quality of the stitching and the suppleness of the leather.

Real and not fake Chloe handbag lifestyle.


Yves Saint Laurent

Authentic Yves Saint Laurent bags never have a tag hanging off it. YSL bags have embossed serial numbers on the inside of the bag. The YSL label on the inside the bag is never smudged and always evenly aligned.


Into handbag lifestyle? Then you must know how to spot a real Yves Saint Laurent.


ALL Dior bags come with a white cotton dust bag with grey writing. The serial number will be located on the flipside of the inner sewn in label.

Handbag lifestyle - how to know your Dior is fake.


Jimmy Choo

On an authentic Jimmy Choo, the lettering JIMMY CHOO should always be centered between the screw heads. The fonts should look finished and centered. The locking mechanism must feel sturdy and rather heavy.


Handbag lifestyle - how to know your Jimmy Choo is not fake.

Bottega Veneta

On authentic Bottega Venetas, the zippers are high quality and sewn so they lay flat with no buckling.

Bottega Veneta is a handbag lifestyle for the cool. Know if it's real or fake.



Authentic Valentinos have only top quality leather and fabric for their bags, so if the materials seem rough or uneven, the bag’s probably a fake.


Your Valentino handbag lifestyle must be real if you know if the bag is fake or not.

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