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LCD Screen Remote roundup

LCD Screen Remote roundup

unpluggd has a nice roundup of universal LCD remotes.

Philips RC9800i Touchscreen Control
This large Philips Touchscreen Control uses a wireless access point (WAP) and it includes a software to control everything. The remote can read MP3’s and digital pictures on your computer. You can display pictures on your remote’s screen, while playing MP3’s at the same time. The remote also has Philips Electronic Program Guide (the remote includes a free one-year subscription), where you can get a customized list of shows on the RC9800i. The information downloads to the remote each night through your wireless network when most people are asleep. The remote keeps the components organized by what room they are in, which you determine during the initial setup. Just carry the remote from the living room to the bedroom, listening to MP3’s on the way, and select the bedroom controls on the remote. Now, whichever controls you programmed into the remote for the bedroom become active. That’s great!

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source unpluggd

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