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Lifestyles Defined Exclusive Interview with Asend Clothing


We’re very excited to have Peter aka Mr. Asend find some time for an interview. If you know Peter, he is without doubt possibly one of the busiest men you’ve ever meet, so for him to be able to squeeze us in is a big deal! We just wanted to know a few things about Peter as a person, a designer and finally a brand. We hope you enjoy the interview.


LD: Looking back on your childhood and adolescence, what made you want to become a designer?

Peter: Looking back on my childhood, nothing that I can think of has really played much of a role in becoming a “designer”. Something I kind of picked up recently. I’ve always been a big fan of fashion and what’s trending or what not so that plays a part in what I’m trying to do today.  One day I just told my self I wanted to start a brand, kind of targeting our urban youth and just went along with it. Started drawing shirt ideas and coming up with color schemes, never knew something so simple could be so fun and interesting for me to do.


LD: How did you start Asend Clothing?

Peter: It started with a pen and paper, literally. Originally I drew the Asend logo for just a t-shirt that I was going to make under my first brand “Fresher Than Fashion”. Unfortunately I ran into minor issues and changed the name and logo of my brand. I decided to keep the balloon man and make him the logo for my new brand. The word Ascend fit perfect with minor changes. The way I spelled it is Asend and the reason behind that is there are two words “as” & “end”, and I feel like you need to Asend “as” it’s the “end”. Understand?




LD: What’s your favorite design? (Being by you or another designer)

Peter: The Jordan logo is my favorite design/logo, hands down. It’s a very clean and simple logo that represents so much, very solid. I compare my logo to it in those two aspects. I base a lot of my releases/color ways on Jordan releases/color ways, but there are tons and tons of different designs by my self and other brands that I think are just strait out dope.


LD: What are the biggest misconceptions people have of you because you’re a designer?

Peter: A lot of people fail to realize it takes time to calculate the formula needed to make a perfect piece. I’m still learning and learning the hard way, so everyday and every mistake is a lesson learned. Things don’t happen over night, there are years of work to put in before anything comes of it. Nothing worth having comes easy.


LD: At what moment in your career did you have that realization where you felt like you made it?

Peter: My definition of making it is infinite. In other words you never really make it or if you do believe that you made it, you just continue making it. Right now I do not believe I have made it. I know that there is a lot to learn and a lot to expand on. I try to Asend my self to the fullest each and every day.



LD: Is there anything you wish you could do differently in your career what would it be?


Peter: As a “designer” I wish that I could be more active when using the programs that create my visual; Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I also wish that I could sew, so that I could be more hands-on when creating my t-shirts. There are a lot of things that come into play that I am just learning and figuring out, which is fine but frustrating at the same time.













LD: What is the hardest part of being a designer?

Peter:It is very time consuming and because I am an individual designer it makes it a little harder. It requires a lot of research and communication when it comes to printing and tagging. Also, financially it can get really frustrating. Given that I am fairly new to this, there is a lot of trial and error so instead of doing something an easier way, I often find myself doing it the harder/more expensive way before finding out the better way to do it.


LD: If you couldn’t be a designer, is there anything else you can see yourself doing?

Peter:I would continue to be myself and do what it is that I’m pursuing to the best of my ability.




LD: When you see other lines like (Insert two clothing lines that are similar to yours) creating shirts with the same formula as you guys use at Asend, how does that make you feel?

Peter:Two clothing lines that I feel I can relate to are RAW and VILLEN, however because I am branding. I don’t associate the way they formulate with the way; I formulate when creating my shirts. I don’t really know many local brands or brands in general that create t-shirts for certain sneaker releases.


LD: How would you define your personal style?

Peter: Swaggy



LD: Who do you idolize?

Peter: Any and everyone that asends there self to the max each and everyday in any and every way possible…simple


LD: Any last words?

Peter: Asend or Die b****tch !!!!






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