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Lifestyles Defined Exclusive Interview with DJ/Producer George Monev




I recently got a chance to  interview DJ/Producer George Monev. If you don’t know who he is by now, you should. Earlier this week he released an edit of Avicii’ smash hit “Levels”. He remakes the song in which the lead part is in reverse; amazingly creating a totally different tune. He racked up a massive 45,000+ plays in one week for his Avicii- Levels Edit!!!! We quickly contacted the talented DJ and set up an interview with him. So sit back and enjoy Lifestyles Defined exclusive interview.



“Hi guys, my name is George Monev. Im from Melbourne, Australia, I’m 23 years old, I’ve been producing since i was 14 and djing since i was 15. “



So how did it all begin?

It all began when i was 13, I would spend hours and hours online till one day i came across mixing programs such as Mixmeister. I spent hours playing around with tracks and trying to find which ones sounded good with each other.


Did the Djing, Production, Promoting come first?

Production came first, two older cousins from Canada were heavily into production on FL studio so that made me want to give it a try, I could never get away from the fruity loops sound so i decided to move onto sony acid where i started making mash ups but the program its self was a bit hard to use, thats when i found ableton live, on ableton it went from making mash ups, to making cool edits (like levels) then remixing tracks, then finally producing my own tracks.


What gave you that initial push?

When I was 15 I had never used real dj equipment, all I had done was make mash ups using mixmeister / sony acid, and make short tracks on FL studio. Then a new year began at high school and we had a new kid in our class. Overhearing him say “im a dj i make music” i knew i had to find out what his story was, turns out he was also doing the same thing i was, using entry level production programs such as Ejay, we became best friends. Then one day one of his friends had asked him to dj for her birthday, we decided hire some dj equipment to dj for the party. So the very first time I used real DJing equipment was 2 hours before this party.


What was your first record you bought?

Avaline – Never Sever 12″ vinyl





What was the first event you ever played?

The first ever event i got to play at was my own under 18’s dance party me and my friend ran pulling in over 600 kids


What’s the best event you’ve played at?

My most favorite event that I played at was ‘The Search Dj Competition’, it was a dj competition where each dj had 15 minutes to prove their skills to the judges, it’s been my best experience because I had 50 of my closest friends in the front row supporting me.




What gave you the idea for making the Levels edit in reverse?

I had an itch to do an edit for levels for a while now, but being really busy working fulltime and running my label i never really got around to doing it, until recently i decided i needed a break from work and jumped onto ableton to start messing with levels, then as soon as i hit the reverse button i was in total shock.



What was your last release?
My last release was on Ego Music Italy, it was a collaboration with Princess Superstar titled “Blow Dryer”


What are you currently working on now?
I have a few tracks that I’m working on but my main focus right now is my record label Young Guns, its a label that signs tracks by young kids strictly by the ages of 14 to 20.



Out of all the tracks you have, which ones ‘never fails?’

Fatman Scoop – Be Faithful (in Australia we dont have many hiphop/RNB clubs, so when you sneak track like be faithful in, the crowd goes nuts)


What’s you favorite track of all time?

Daft Punk – around the world


So how is the EDM scene in your eyes at the moment?

The EDM scene is taking over the world, vocalists and producers from all different genres have now merged their sound into commercial dance.


What do you do outside of the dance music scene?

Im a web/graphic designer, currently working for an automotive brand


What advice would you give to up and coming DJs?

Don’t rush into getting your name out there, practice first and perfect your sound



I would like to personally thank George for taking time out of his busy schedule to conduct an interview for us. Im sure we will be hearing a lot from this talented young man in the future. Be sure to check him out on the links listed down below.



Contact – nev@georgemonev.net
Twitter – http://twitter.com/georgemonev
Facebook Fan Page – http://facebook.com/georgemonevdjproducer
Facebook Profile – http://facebook.com/gmunevs


Owner/Founder of Young Guns Records (Young Guns Digital)

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