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Lifestyles Defined: HTC Titan II Review

HTC Titan IIAllow me to start out by saying that; if ever there was a day in history where we have ever been graced with tech toys that’s would turn a grown man into a child all over again, it has to have been April 9th 2012!! AT&T and Microsoft has without any question; out done themselves on so many different levels. Releasing the HTC Titan II and the Nokia Lumia 900 was certainly a power player’s move, and if you are a chess player it would almost be equivalent to checkmate. So as you may already have read our review on the Nokia Lumia 900, I will now give you the review on HTC’s Titan II

TITAN II: Design

 Titan II In HandFor starters, the design doesn’t differ too far from the design of the Titan I and at a first glance you will find that there are some subtle design changes. Unibody seems to be the “go to” when designing cellular devices now a days and with good reason. Lessening the amount of moveable and or removable parts; from a user stand point reduces the amount of damage that could befall a cellphone that would have the unfortunate destiny of making it into the hands of a person with destructive tendencies. Where the Titan I was unibody but allowed the user to remove the internal from the outer shell, the Titan II does not allow for this to happen. At most, the only part of the Titan II that can be removed is the Sim Card access door. Although clever in design, the unibody of this device does not allow for memory upgrading, or removal of the battery. There is now also a chin like design on the front base of the phone. I pondered the reasoning behind this design feature until it all began to make since. Users complained that when using the Titan I during a call, if you held the phone in a certain way the person on the other end of the call could no longer hear you when you were speaking. The outward bend at the base of the Titan II would have to be HTC’s way at correcting this issue, allowing for the microphone pin hole to be closer to the mouth of the person using the phone during a call.

Titan II BackThe body of the Titan II has now received a rubberized coating; allowing for a more tactile grip, where as the Titan I did not have this coating. The physical button locations have not been altered much; and for the most part remain in place as they were on the Titan I.

HTC-Titan-II Cam-LensThe Camera lens has been noticeably beefed up in size as to now support the 16 mega pixels it pulls in, as opposed to the smaller 8MP lens seen on the Titan I. The Dual LED flash is still present as well as the 1.3MP front facing camera. The difference in picture size and quality is present in photos taken by the Titan II vs. the Titan I. This isn’t to say that the Titan I took poor quality pictures, just that software and hardware upgrade make for great results. As for Video shots, the Titan II shoots in 720p, now one may feel like this is truly a downside to say the iPhone that shoots 1080p. Yet this may not exactly be a downside at all. You may test this theory out while in you local Best Buy’s television section. A person looking at a Visio Hi-Def 1080p TV will say that the picture that its shows is very good, but move on to the Sony or Samsung section and look at the quality of picture rendered by one of their 720p TVs and you will now be able to understand that just because something says it 1080p doesn’t mean that it will look better.


Titan II: Display & Device Specs

Titan II DisplayThe Titan II, much like the Titan I uses a 4.7-inch (800×480-pixel), WVGA, Super LCD screen displaying 16 million colors; which by comparison to the Nokia Lumia 900 may only be slightly under par but in no way does the screen lack. Colors stand out as intended and without oversaturation or pixilation. Under the hood, the Titan II bares a 1.5GHz Snapdragon 2 processor, 16Gigs of internal memory and a 1730mAh battery to power this bad boy for sometime. Talk time has been clocked at 4.3 hours, while stand by time has increased to 12.2 days. The Titan II dimensions have actually decreased since the first device weighing in at 5.2 ounces, down from 5.64 ounces. Size (inches) are now 5.12 x 2.76 x 0.39 inches. Where as the first Titan spec’d out at 5.14 x 2.78 x 0.39.


Titan II: Software

Windows Phone…WP7.5 Mango provides the power, efficiency and intuitiveness needed to make the Titan II the go to device for your mobile needs. With features like, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and Windows Live integration; the device becomes more alive right out of the box without even having to download one app. What Microsoft’s Marketplace may lack in quantity of apps, it certainly makes up for in relevant quality apps. HTC also provides some featured apps to make your Titan II experience all the more gratifying. HTC Photo Enhancement, HTC Watch and HTC Connected Media are some of the few offered, while some other apps have been intergraded directly into the device like Sound Enhancement which provides a pre-set equalization filters. While intergraded camera features like ‘Burst Shots’ and ‘Panoramic Shots’ bring about an expanded photo experience.

On the release date of both the HTC Titan II and the Nokia Lumia 900; I started my day promptly and first in line at my local AT&T store to be one of the first to own the Nokia Lumia 900, and as happy as I was with the design of the device, the quality of the screens display, and the performance of the device itself, I just could not find myself able to get around Nokia’s failed ability to provide a device that was not only great to look upon but provided an audio playback experience to go along with the look of the device. It was almost like buying an expensive car and installing a cheap audio system into the car. After really weighing in on what was most important to me, I made the conscious decision to return this “Beautiful looking car with the crappy sound system” for a “Not as beautiful looking car with a great sound system”! That is what it truly all boils down to when deciding whether to purchase the Nokia Lumia 900 or the HTC Titan II. They are both two exceptionally well made devices with almost little to no flaws, but preference is what will be the deciding factor in you decision. Never the less and over all, you can not and will not go wrong with either one. Congrats to HTC, Nokia, Microsoft and AT&T for delivering two devices that will certainly make a solid statement that Windows phone is here and is very much a contender in the drive for Cellular King of the Hill. 



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