Published on July 13th, 2011 | by Tawann Guice


Netflix Subscribers Angered At The Company’s Recent Price Increase Announcement

netflix-logo_270x270Recently, we gave you the announcement that Netflix subscribers will be paying more to have the option of both streaming their movies as well as receiving  a DVD or Blu-Ray movie of there choice. The supposed cost ranged between $17.99 and $25. Well once the news broke to the masses, they were enraged, and in my opinion the have a right to be. The argument is apparent. Paying more money for a service that renders; if I may, “Half Ass” movies to stream instantly, and DVD / Blu-ray movies that are too late to even be considered worth the wait; any longer than you have waited already is just all around unfair! I guess we will see if the frustration of the Little People will be loud enough to reach the ears of the “Streaming Movie Titan”.


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