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New York’s 98.7 (KISS) FM Radio Station Bought Out By ESPN For Radio Sports Broadcasts

KISS FMWhether you live, or once lived in the big city of New York you have to be familiar with New York radio stations. Prior to the digital days or streaming, and downloading, radio stations were the carrier mode in which the music the reached the ears and hearts of the people of the city. In a less robotic time, these stations and the personalities that work them made the listener feel like a family. As a child, the weeks end would be more than just a two day get away from school, it would also start off a weekend with that times current and popular music. Radio promoted a sense of socializing in persons of the young adult age, creating that yearn to be at the nearest club or disco; just to dance the night away to what you heard on the local music stations.

kool_dj_red_alertDJ Chuck Chillout

The likes of a D.J. Red Alert on a Friday night and Chuck Chillout on Saturday night was nothing shy of brilliant, and a must hear every weekend despite the programming having been the same maybe two out of the four weeks of the month. You simply didn’t care! Radio to the masses of then, was what the iPod is to the masses of now. 

Today’s KISS FM NY brought more consciousness to world were the style of “Gangster Rap” was said to have tarnish a culture and deluded the minds of inner city youth. Although this may not have been an accurate statement the radio station would never the less refrain from, and if not; limit the amount of Hip Hop music played on the radio station to on site NYC club broadcasts. Still where there was a decrease in Rap music, the increase of relevant radio talk shows would now be present with a more gentler R&B selection. The station would also broadcast shows by hosts such as, Michael Baisden, Tom Joyner, Isaac Hayes, and Comedian Steve Harvey. Now appealing to a more mature audience, KISS FM would now find itself rated just as high as some of their rival radio stations even having omitted one of if not the most popular genre of music.

 ESPN FM 98.7Until just 2 days ago April 26th 2012, 98.7 KISS FM and their Hosts were a secular voice for the listeners of the Tri-State area. The KISS FM radio family have said their goodbyes as they will now be a part of Rival station WBLS (107.5), and the 98.7 frequency will now broadcast the new ESPN Radio New York. Many may see this as almost tragic, and that we are loosing some what of a staple in the urban communities that would listen to the station, and perhaps they are right, but sometimes the things we don’t see or simply may not notice plays a part in many things big and small. The driving force in radio is not often what some big record companies may pay for song rotation, instead; advertisement play bog role and a much needed part. Advertisement companies may pay almost as much or close to for radio ads, as they would for televised ads. What with the ever decreasing demand for advertisement space, some radio companies must often look for other ways to save money and face. Buy outs often help with a collapsing company but may at times leave the staff in limbo and sometimes unemployed. The move from 98.7 to 107.5 is still a present work in progress and company brass are currently working on what KISS FM shows will make it to the current WBLS schedule and which ones will not.

In the scope of great journalism whether on radio or on paper, I think I can speak for the Lifestyles Defined staff when I say that we wish the staff of 98.7 KISS FM well, and good luck on the move to the new radio station. We will certainly remember the wonderful memories that you have produced in us as well as all of the listeners that have ever tuned into the KISS radio station. Good luck and God Bless.   

“Remember; if you can’t change the people around you, change the people around you.” …Michael Baisden



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