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Nokia Lumia 900 Pre Release Video Review

nokia-lumia-900Now then, as if you didn’t know it was coming…here you have it, a brief video review of the Nokia Lumia 900 (Cyan) in action.

First of this video is not a Lifestyles Defined Video but it was the clearest and next to some of the other videos I found on the Lumia 900, this one did not bore me to sleep. So shout out to ‘Techno Buffalo’ for a great video.

Now then, before I give you my (obviously biased) opinions about the Lumia 900; I will say that I did get a chance to man handle this device almost a week before it was released and without the sales rep attempting to rip it from my hand. (This was good) Trust when I say, the device is everything that the video says and more!! (Here is where the biasness comes in) The device is the most solid of devices that I have held in my hand since…well the first Nokia cellphone which in fact was my first cellphone, the Nokia 2110.

Nokia…my actual phone was Black, and not this suspect looking device!

In comparison to the current iPhone, well there was no comparison; simply because there was no getting around the size difference. Tsk Tsk!! The screen resolution, minus the finger prints on the screen was certainly above par, but nothing that I haven’t seen already. The fact is, (and this is my opinion again) once you’ve owned a Super AMOLED device; you pretty much know what to expect out of any other device spec’d with the same type of screen. This device comes with a Clear Black AMOLED screen which is not bad, but supposedly not as good as the Super. The Lumia 900 comes preloaded with Windows Phone 7.5 Mango; so nothing changes much from this device, to the current HTC Titan, although ‘Internet Sharing’ is functional on the Lumia 900. (That is another +) Lastly as to not spoil anymore of the video than I have, price point for such a device will NOT be in excess of $200, instead AT&T will be offering this wonderful device for the sum of only $99(with a new 2 year contract). Which will allow me to return the Blackberry Bold I purchased for $250, pay the $35 restocking fee, buy the Lumia 900 and still have change left to buy some accessories for it. How sweet is that. Make your way to AT&T Corporate Stores, April 8th 2012 for the release.

Lumia 900 Vs Titan

Now then, without any further a due, check out the a brief video review of the Nokia Lumia 900 below.




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