Published on August 5th, 2011 | by Ramon Trotman


Planking to Owling to Batting (doing the bat,) Wait, what?

batting doing the bat 5

So im sure we’ve all heard of planking. in fact, if you haven’t you can consider yourself NOT in the cool crowd (or an adult.) What supposedly started out as silly behavior ended up sweeping the pop culture by storm! don’t believe me? check out these pics of celebrities doing the do….

dwight howard plankingshep mcallister spurs com coyote mascott plankingchris brown planking

But it doesn’t stop there, the physical aspect is not all there is to the…well….plank. You’ve got to out do the best plank you see. Its mandatory that you find a better/worse/more dangerous/more stupid place to plank, and so the crowd goes wild.


Don’t get too excited yet. Planking had some unsuspecting competition show up in what seemed to be out of no where. Yes, im talking about “owling.” Lets see some pics and even a video of owling, just so you see what you’re dealing with here.

owling 2owling 3owling

and here is your very own richard simmons owling in live motion!


well then! Today I would like to introduce to you “Batting” also known as “doing the bat.” [ insert o_0 smiley here ] If I had enough hours in the day, I probably could make this stuff up, but I do not, and so…this is real!

batting doing the bat 2batting doing the bat 3batting doing the bat 4batting doing the bat 5batting doing the bat


Much like owling and planking before it, the goal is to “out ridiculous” your friends in places to bat. None of this looks safe, but I would like to remind you all to be safe when battling, or owling and yes.. of course, planking.


p.s shout out to our troops over in iraq, you make us proud! o_0

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