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Published on October 10th, 2017 | by Lifestyles Defined


A Quick Guide to Buying Loose Diamonds

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If you’re looking to buy the best diamonds for your money, then it’s a good idea to seek loose diamonds rather than preset diamonds. Mounting can conceal some of the defects of a stone and make it difficult for you to ascertain its quality. However, investing on a loose diamond is an expensive affair. To get your money’s worth, you must remember a few things when buying.

For this blog post, we’ve covered some of the essential rules for buying a loose diamond.


  1. Ask for a Certificate

When purchasing a loose diamond, never make a decision based only on a salesperson’s recommendation. Make sure to ask for a certificate to know the stone’s quality. A diamond certification should be from a trusted and reputed diamond certification authority such as GIA, AGS, EGL, etc. documents all quality characteristics of a diamond. A certificate proves that the quality of the diamond is evaluated in terms of cut, carat, clarity, colour, and shape.  

  1. Verify the Laser Inscription

Laser inscription refers to a unique ID that allows you to differentiate your stone from other identical stones. The inscription consists of a combination of letters and numbers which is engraved on the diamond. This ID is also mentioned on the diamond certificate. Always verify if the laser inscription on the certificate and that on your stone are same before purchasing.

If a diamond doesn’t have an inscription on it, then look for the diamond plot that is also mentioned on the certificate. It’s basically a diagram of the diamond that maps all the inclusions present in the stone.

  1. Inspect Under Magnification

Besides asking for the certification, make sure to closely inspect the diamond. Ask the jeweller to show you the stone under natural lighting, dim and bright light setting, and also under a microscope. Inspect if there are any cracks or chips. Pay close attention to the edges as chipping is common in those areas. Fine hair-like lines inside may not be cracks but the diamond’s natural flaws or inclusions. Compare the inclusions of the stone you intend to buy with other diamonds that you’re considering.

Shop for a higher level of stone clarity which makes any flaws invisible to naked eye, often known as eye clean diamonds. Looking for perfect clarity may be a waste of money because, without a microscope, the flaws can’t be identified.

  1. Compare Prices

Once you determine the quality range of the diamonds you’re looking for, visit several jewellery shops and compare the quoted prices. It often happens that a particular shop offers a discounted rate. Checking the prices at other shops will ensure that you’re really getting a discount and not ending up with paying the actual price because many sellers offer a discount on the hiked price. However, make sure that you’re comparing the prices of diamonds with similar cut, clarity, colour, and carat.

Buying a loose diamond ensures that you get exactly the diamond you want without having to overpay for a ring setting. It also eliminates a lot of uncertainties concerning the quality of the stone. Follow these tips to make a good purchase without getting confused or frustrated.

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