Shaolin Jazz in India / Week 2

Shaolin Jazz in India / Week 2

Shaolin Jazz, Hip Hop music and India

After 2 weeks in the city of Patna, DJ 2-Tone Jones of SHAOLIN JAZZ has seen and experienced more than he could’ve imagined including headlining in a packed theatre in front of 400+ people foreign to American Hip Hop culture; crashing a wedding in Bodaghaya (the place where Buddha found enlightenment); holding a press conference with local TV, radio and newspaper outlets; and riding on the back of a motorbike driven by a young Monk.  Here is a photgraphic glimpse into those experiences:

For the full photo recap of week 2 click here

Can I Kick It?

Starting Thursday, June 26th we launch our newest engagement called Can I Kick It? A unique film experience where we screen classic Kung-Fu movies while DJ 2-Tone Jones spins a creative blend of rap, soul, rock and more. The result is an experience where 2-Tone is creating a live sound track to the movie, even accentuating specific scenes with select music or DJ techniques.

Behind the secens of

Due to the positive feedback received from our first DREAM GIRLS shoot we’d always planned on doing another edition and last Thursday DREAM GIRLS – BKNYC was shot in Brooklyn by Chris Carr (Eat the Cake/Brooklyn Wildlife). The new series will officially drop on June 17th.  Until then, have a look at some behind-the-scenes pics from the shoot right here.


Inspired by the title and music of The 37th Chamber mixtape, acclaimed visual artist Aniekan Udofia created the SHAOLIN JAZZ Art series. The remaining pieces from this collection were all exhibited at our premier NYC listening party.  For pricing inquiries and more information about the art click here.


SHAOLIN JAZZ t-shits, girly tees, hoodies, and long-sleeve shirts are now available online.  Choose from 6 different designs developed by graphic artists from across the globe, up to 20 different colors and a variety of sizes.  Check them out here.


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