Published on November 2nd, 2017 | by Ramon Trotman

Sony A7II vs a6300 vs a6500 for video? Which is best?

Sony has a plethora of solid cameras when it comes to video, everything from the older full frame monster A7II to the much newer and smaller a6300 and a6500. But, which is better for video? Tune in as we tackle this question.

Today’s question from viewer Philippe M – I am also comparing, A7 II vs a6300 or a6500. Coming from Canon 70D Looking for, mainly Video recording, but can’t give up the dream of full frame that’s why A7 mii is there I wanted the sony alpha mainly as it can be charged while video recording, with a small app you can bypass the 30 minutes limitation (while 6500 is an issue as it gets overheated should be considered) What is your recommendation in this situation?

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