Published on January 27th, 2018 | by Ramon Trotman

Sony A7II vs A7RII vs A6500 for travel photography!

Its hard to go wrong with the Sony A7II, A7RII or even the little brother to these two, the Sony A6500, but what if you had to pick one for travel photography?

Today’s question from viewer keyser1122 – Whats good bro? I enjoy your channel. Just getting started in the photography game. Ive always had an interest and now I have a reason! My daughter was born 2 years ago, so now its time to get rid of the motorcycles and crazy things and get serious about this work and something thatll keep me alive! The most Ive ever had was a SONY NEX5..dont laugh at me! And I felt that thing was amazing. Ive been doing a lot of research and I’m thinking I want to jump in with the SONY A7II , A7RII or A6500. I want to mainly shoot portraits but I do love scenery. the city shots you have in Dumbo are bananas! I travel a lot for work…all over the world and want to make sure I’m capturing these travels properly and have ability to print, frame some high quality images in my home. So my question…where do I start? which of the mentioned bodies would you recommend? What glass do I go after? Appreciate the feedback, bro!
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