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SSC Debuts The Bugatti Veyron-Beating Supercar

Large%20ImageFor all of you who may be wondering what S.S.C. stands for? I will tell you…

Shelby Super Car! Yup, That’s right! American home grown Shelby ah la Carroll Shelby! You know, the old man that kind of reminds you of Uncle Jessie from; The Dukes Of Hazard. Well SSC has produced what may just be the only car built now that has the, pardon my choice of words but “testicular fortitude” to outrun the Bugatti Veyron. Now then, the name of this vehicle is called the, (hold on let me get my glasses) SSC Tuatara: ‘twit-ar-a’. Ummmmm….go figure! Now then, I will leave you with this last bit of info on the Tuatara….1350Horse Power!!!!!! YES I SPELLED IT OUT! #DONE

g15-14g15-11Those are Carbon fiber wheels by the way….and uhh don’t forget, 1350HP!



For more info and Specs on this 1350 Horse Power Shelby Super Car, make the jump to [SRC]: SHELBY SUPER CARS, TOPGEAR

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