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Published on March 2nd, 2013 | by Ramon Trotman


Temporary Tattoos: Drastically Change Your Look Just for the Night

Temporary TattoosTemporary tattoos have become the latest fashion statement. Anyone and everyone can easily express themselves in a way that was not possible before by using body art as an accessory. You can change your look, make a statement, and even create a new persona for an evening by using temporary tattoos.
Why Temporary Is So Popular
Flash art has become an accepted part of society. In the past, those people sporting tattoos were deemed as outcasts or rebels. Tattoos were associated with outlaws and trouble makers. Women who sported tattoos were seen as being “unladylike. Thankfully, times have changed. Now, tattoos both permanent and temporary are seen as a way to express taste and individuality. Tattoos are seen as works-of-art, with many people looking for specific artists to create their designs

For those people who work in a profession that does not encourage body art, temporary tattoos have become the rage. After leaving the office for the day, a person preparing for an evening out can quickly apply a tattoo and make their fashion statement. Temporary tattoos have also become a great way for fans to express their appreciation for a specific team or player. Many fans apply team logos, player numbers, or even names to different areas of their body to attend a game.
Modern Body Art

There has always been a demand for designer accessories. Handbags by specific designers are highly coveted items. Jewelry, shoes, and some types of clothing are considered designer pieces instead of clothing or accessories. Owning these items made a statement about who you are and what you believe. However, in many circles, owning these items is seen as elitism and not a way to express art or opinion.
Body art, on the other hand, is seen as something that everyone can enjoy. Income level, credit rating and social status does not restrict who can purchase or wear temporary tattoos, even if they are made by a highly sought after designer. This type of creative expression is affordable for anyone. Better yet, temporary tattoos are fun for everyone. You can change your appearance, express an opinion, show support, or grace the world with a beautiful piece of art. Many designers specialize in abstract tattoo designs, stating that they are for artistic beauty only.
Overall, high end temporary body art has become very popular because it is a unique way to express your sense of style and fashion or make a statement. Life can be difficult in many ways. There are bills to pay, errands to run, and jobs to do. Students are always under the stress of excelling at their studies, and adults are often burdened with more issues each day then they ever imagined possible. Having the ability to “be free” and to express yourself in a different way, even if it is only for an evening is a welcome relief to these daily struggles. It is exciting and it is affordable and best of all, it is beautiful art.

As a creative soul and lover of edgy fashion, freelance writer and artist Molly Pearce often dabbles in temporary body art herself. Innovative e-commerce site,, offers temporary tattoos designed by permanent tattoo artists and illustrators from around the globe. Well-known tattooists such as Dean Parkin (New Zealand), Mat Bagwell (North Carolina), and Dan Smith (L.A. Ink) have all contributed to this online marketplace where shoppers can choose large, unique body art designs without any permanent commitment.

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