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Thousand Pounds Action Company Exclusive Interview

Thousand Pounds Action Company Exclusive Interview

We have long been fans of Thousand Pounds Action Company’s real life adaptation of our favorite cartoon and videogame heros. Sure they’ve been done in the past, but never with the quality and polish we see coming from Thousand Pounds. Not only do they have an incredibly hard work and dedicated group of individuals, but they are all extremely talented. We got an opportunity to have a talk with Chris Cowan who is the co-director on Clandestine and co-founder of Thousand Pounds as well as Haile Lee who is also a co-director and writer on Clandestine.


1.      Let’s jump right in to it. You’ve already raised over $18,000 on kickstarter and you have over 75,000 subscribers on your Youtube channel. How do you feel right now about the current success of the company?
Chris: I honestly didn’t know what to expect when we launched the Kickstarter campaign. The fact that we’ve raised this much means so much to me. Our fans are some of the best out there!

2. What inspired you to create a series for the martial arts genre versus any other popular genre at this time?
Chris: Martial arts is a huge passion for our team. You can find it in almost every medium that we’ve been influenced by – anime, manga, comic books, video games.  Not only that, in terms of live action, there’s a huge lack of martial arts series. We’d like to help get one back on the map. The icing on the cake is that this one would contain a great story as well.


3. Briefly describe some of the highlights of writing the screenplay for this series?
Haile: Really getting into the politics between the clans was probably the most fun. Who lives, who dies, who really lives up to their own potential and goals, and who fails trying to do so. It’s pretty exciting overall, and I know the battles will be pretty epic.

4. Are you guys big literature fans? If so, who’s your favorite author?
Chris: It sounds horrible but I don’t get to read novels often, unless manga counts? Haha. Other than that, I’m usually more influenced by interactive media.

Haile: Well, I’m more of a history buff kind of guy.  I mean, I have a place in my heart for some literary fantasies like Lord of the Rings and what not, but mostly I read stories about Alexander the Great, Japan’s warring states era and The Shinsengumi, China’s Three Kingdoms era, and so on.  Those are the topics that usually get me excited.

5. In your latest YouTube video you state that you are creating a movement with the series Clandestine, what type of change do you anticipate establishing with the release of this series?
Chris: I’d personally like to see more dramas that feature martial arts. I know we’ve said it before, but on top of the love of doing this kind of stuff, we feel that we have to do it. That’s only because there aren’t many others doing this out there (mainly in the US). If there were, we’d be grateful because we’d get to have more TV and web series to be able to watch.


6. Will "Clandestine" possibly become a full motion picture?
Chris: There aren’t any plans as of yet. I personally think Clandestine shines more as a series though. More character development.

7. When will you begin brainstorming your next project?
Chris: We have many, many, many ideas floating around for other projects, but those will all be on the backburner until we find a way to complete Clandestine.

8. You’ve both had very few positive things to say about the current state of the film industry. However, do you have a favorite classic film?
Chris: 80’s and 90’s action films get thumbs up from me. Jackie Chan and Jet Li = Awesomeness. Oh, and I could watch Sidekicks with Chuck Norris any day of the week.

Haile: My favorite films are more old school – I love the Godfather 1 and 2 (I don’t want to talk about 3 haha).  My favorite movie of all time, the one that really got me liking the spaghetti westerns genre, is The Good the Bad and The Ugly directed by Sergio Leone. Basically anyone working on something original and a Hollywood remake right now is A-OK in my book.

9. If you were given the opportunity to work with any acclaimed writer, director or producer right now who would it be and why?
Chris: I’d love to collaborate on a project with Tetsuya Nomura. He’s a famous Japanese video game director. He’s also directed the film that has influenced my shooting and editing style the most – Final Fantasy: Advent Children. His vision is something I definitely admire, and I’d love to learn more. 

Haile: I would really like to work with David Simon and or Aaron Sorkin. I love both of their writing styles and “The Wire” is one of my all-time favorite shows. Even though they seem like an unlikely fit for action, I would love to see how they would tackle character development in an action sense. As I write this I’m starting to realize how much of a stretch this is but hey, this is my “what if” scenario. Haha, I’d make it work…

I would also love to work with Eiichiro Oda and Kentaro Miura, the Mangakas of One Piece and Berserk respectively. I feel both of their story telling skills are unmatched in the comic book world and always leave me feeling inspired after any reading.


Thousand Pounds Action Company Exclusive Interview 2

10. Lastly, what do you want the legacy of Thousands Pounds Action Company to be?
Chris: I’d love for us to be remembered as one of the first companies of the 2010 decade in which fans were actually excited to see live action adaptations of their favorite anime, manga, comic book and video game titles. Because as we know, when Hollywood usually announces they are adapting something, it’s usually met with doom and gloom from the fans.


We would like to thank both Chris and Haile for their time, we wish them much more success in the future!

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