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Published on July 11th, 2011 | by Ramon Trotman


Welcome to LSD 2.0


It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the new and improved Lifestyles Defined, dubbed 2.0.

There have been a few contributing factors to the site’s complete redesign. The first of these was sheer demand; we received countless emails from our readers offering tips for improvements. We have taken you seriously! We thank you for the feedback and encourage you to continue to be as passionate about the site as we are.

The second motive for the redesign was functionality. As the site grew, the rate at which we made content available to the readers soon picked up at a furious rate; not that this was a bad thing, but the featured content which deserved the readers attention often got lost in daily posts. So we needed a way to not only make the reader aware of featured content, but also let the reader know what was top news for the day. so we’ve added these two sections.


top stories

We also cleaned up the format in which daily posts are displayed. It is a much more efficient way of viewing your daily news.



But we didn’t stop there! We noticed a lot of our readers accessed LSD from their mobile devices, so we implemented a mobile scheme especially for those readers. Not only will it load a lot faster than the main site, but it will be much more forgiving on your data.



If for some reason you prefer the full site on your device, you have the option to toggle that. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page and make the switch.




We have also done some work to the comments section, you will now be notified when fellow readers comment on your comments, so we encourage you to jump in and start up some conversations. We did some work on our categories above the banner to make everything easier to navigate. We even gave the menu’s some love.

There are almost too many new features to mention with the new LSD. The best way for you to discover and enjoy them all is to jump right in. If you find something a little off, or something that could use even more improvement, head to the “about us” section and drop us an email.  Once again, we thank you all for your support and feedback. Enjoy LSD 2.0.

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