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What is Instagram? Here, let us explain

What is Instagram and how do I get into this techie photo lifestyle

Surely you’ve at least heard the buzz word Instagram in passing by now. If not, there could only be a few reasons for this, no one loves you, no one talks to you or you just do not own an Apple product. Either way, Instagram might be something worth familiarizing yourself with.

Instagram’s official description is “It’s a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your photos with friends and family.” That’s it, it really is that simple, I wont waste my time trying to over explain it because it can’t be.  Think of it as a Twitter spin off with no words, just pictures. Once images are uploaded, users have the ability to “like” and comment as they please, they can even “mention” others in their posts.

As of late, Facebook who purchased Instagram for a nice penny has released a new killer feature to the list, no longer is Instagram all about pictures, it now has the ability to record and view short videos. Clearly going after Twitter‘s hit app “Vine,” Instagram’s new video feature seems to be an instant hit.

What is it about Instagram? Instagram is a simple program to make images pretty.

But the app does not stop there, users are able to apply upwards of 17 filters to images to give them a really unique look. You can turn everything from stunning snapshots to not so good pics into works of arts by simply applying a filter, and yes, these same filters do apply to the new video feature as well. It is a bit hard to describe, but if you were to see it for yourself you’d immediately understand Instagram’s allure.

As an advanced Social Networkist (you like that? I just made it up, I am going to run with that from now on,) I have a very precise order in which I check my social networks for the day. Instagram has earned itself a spot in the cycle. First is facebook because most of my personal life and happenings go on there. Next is Twitter, this is where I keep tabs on what’s new for the day, a huge laser focused news source if you will. Lastly, the new comer, Instagram. Its not last on my rotation because it is or isn’t as good as the rest, I find looking at images relaxing and can be a great tool for setting up a good day.

As much as I enjoy Instagram, it is not without its faults. Truth be told, they really aren’t faults per say, but they bothered me none the less. The first is “who” you follow. Much like twitter and facebook, your feed is populated based on who you follow. By default, Instagram makes it super easy to find your friends and family by cross referencing your facebook, twitter, email and contacts. This was a killer feature, as I was up and running in no time. But I soon realized something, my friends and family really wasn’t posting anything too interesting to look at. It was mostly random passport style face shots with filters or uber annoying rants using services like Tweetgram.

What exactly is Instagram? Instagram is a software that instantly beautifies your taken picture.

This took me for a loop. Here I was trying to see the world from a different perspective through images and I was now stuck with Facebook pictures and Twitter tweets. Really? What was the solution? There is none, this is the culture of Instagram for a many few people. Perhaps educating everyone on the true purpose of the app so as to improve the content might work, or simply un-follow everyone.


Definition of Instagram. From the app's name itself - it instantly adds superb effects to your digital photos, pictures or images.

Minor quarrels aside, Instagram is the newest of the “Must have apps” that fuels the smartphone world. With the picture social networking community firmly in it’s pocket, they are looking to push themselves ahead of anything else out there with the newly added video features. It sure is an exciting time to be an Instagram fan, and an even better time to jump in and catch some of the fun!

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