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Why the Nokia 1020 Could Be The Start Of A New Age For Smartphones and Microsoft

1020-Camera-Grip-Case.jpgAn awesome accessory for the camera lovers.

Lumia charging shell

I emphasize the phrase ‘start of’. Nothing comes easy in phone tech, but if companies continue to play their cards right and execute devices and marketing properly, life becomes easy. With Windows Phone 7 not being marketed well, that took a lot of the reason why it never fully took off, even after the Mango update. After Nokia and Microsoft shook hands to embark a journey with new innovations and ideas, we never thought we’d see the light of day of the innovation truly brought forward by Nokia. With Nokia’s recent addition, the Lumia 1020, what does that bring to new consumers? To the phone industry? To current Windows Phone users? These questions bring new life to Nokia, Windows Phone and Microsoft. The answers to these questions will be answered here.

The Lumia 1020’s real point of focus (pun intended!) is the 41MP PureView camera. With the Nokia 808 rocking MWC 2012, the sadness was dwelling due to the fact that the 920 didn’t get a full PureView makeover. This, however is not the case with the 1020. The Lumia 920 was an amazing shooter and shocked the smartphone camera world, but the 1020 takes the cake as being the best shooter to date. These days, the camera in a smartphone has had an upgrade in importance. Nokia and Microsoft are finally playing the spec game. ┬áConsumers these days, are all over the phones camera, and I know people that will buy certain phones, specifically for the camera, for those people this could be an awesome option. What are some drawbacks? No Instagram. That’s it. The people who like awesome pictures are the ones who share their pictures. With no Instagram and a ok Facebook app, there is almost no reason for those people to buy this device for sharing purposes. Apart from that, I really can’t see why this isn’t an awesome new daily driver. For the camera lovers, Nokia provides a $79.99US accessory that allows you to slip on a cover that is in the shape of a camera, to really make the phone an awesome camera phone. There is a shutter button, battery indicator and a tripod hole.

The Lumia 920 shook the phone industry especially with it’s OIS (optical image stabilization.)- See what I did there? A clever play with my sentence! While the small 8.7MP number seemed crummy, the images were far from that. Infact, they were arguably the best shots from a camera phone. To this date, no camera has truly beaten the 920, while there have been close (and some say better cameras) from devices like the HTC One and Galaxy S4, no phone, has truly beaten the 920. The 1020 only makes things worse for competitors. Every mid range and flagship device is featuring a 8MP or 4UP (Ultra Pixel) camera or better. The camera has now become a centre of attention for marketing purposes. No phone can currently say ‘my camera is better. than the 1020’ The spec sheet for the camera of the 1020 reflects the quality of the pictures. These bragging rights for the Lumia 1020 are very valuable, and it is only logical to assume that Samsung, HTC and Apple will bring out another beefy camera to compete.

The story may not be as happy for all Windows Phone users. Nokia has just recently released the 925. In my opinion, the 925 didn’t receive the attention it should’ve got. While the 925 only brought minor updates to the 920, it definitely was a good device with some impressive hardware. To the people who bought the 925, they are now outdated, even in the spec sheet. The 1020 now brings for the first time, 2GB of RAM. I haven’t seen the extra RAM making a difference to app launch times or general use. I think the additional RAM is for the camera performance. The extra RAM actually still doesn’t make the 1020 the best phone in benchmarks, believe it or not, that title goes to the 820. There is also now OLED technology as the 720p screen instead of LCD technology. If you owned a Zune HD, OLED was the screen on the Zune HD. The 1020 is also thinner in some dimensions than the 920, but not as thin as the 925. The 1020 is mainly for the camera. The GDR2 update (Amber) is also onboard on the 1020, which is awesome and I really want that update. Recently, Microsoft has added the GDR2 update to Windows Phone’s update history. There really shouldn’t been too much anger to current Windows Phone users. If anything, current Windows Phone users will consider to buy this awesome device.

The Lumia 1020 is an awesome device with hardly any flaws. One, to me, which is a killer feature gone, is expandable storage. With the camera producing high quality photos, 32GB isn’t enough, especially since the camera is capable of 1080p video, other than that, I love this device. This could seriously turn some heads from consumers. If Nokia and Microsoft advertises this device heavily, more and more people will know that Windows Phone has the 41MP device, that is really key. What will be a killer if Microsoft really keeps that price tag. The prepaid price (outright phone) is reasonable at near $700. While it is not that cheap, it is a competitor to the phones at the same price. But, the price at $299.99 on a 2 year contract for AT&T, that is way to expensive. Why? Because there is the HTC One, GS4 and entry level iPhone 5 for $100 less. While the Windows Phone fanboys get the price, the general consumer wouldn’t as the spec sheet says otherwise, while for Windows Phone, it is not key to have high specs, the general consumer won’t know that. The price gets worse as there is no built in wireless charging, an additional fee. Microsoft and Nokia really needs a price cut and quickly bring this device to other counties and other carries, being exclusive for AT&T in the US was a dumb move, because, Windows Phones needs to be easily reached by consumers. Apart from this, a bright future may lay for Nokia and Windows Phone.

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