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Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Update Review

Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Review 

Lifestyles Defined welcomes you to our Windows Phone 7.5 Mango review.
Released on September 27th, 2011, the Mango update was questionably Microsoft’s most anticipated (to date) release. The software giant Premiered the new operating system one year ago November; simply dubbed: Phone 7. It was received with open arms and yet, not without scrutiny. To put it frank, the O.S. to many was a let down, but not to the understanding of those that know what it means to get something right. It is not an assumption; that Microsoft understands what it takes to succeed, and success!

I once read something that goes, "Everyone fears failure, but breakthroughs depend on it. The best companies embrace their mistakes and learn from them."

…And now a year later, you have Mango!


 wp-7_5-mango Update Splash Screen
Many device user may not know exactly what this splash screen represents to a WP7 user. I will explain in the simplest way I know…
"Everything is about to get much better!"

For most WP7 device users, your were notified from your device that and update was available, while others may have simply plugged there device into their Host PC, opened up the Zune Software and was given the great news.


The Breakdown:

Without boring you the reader, I will go into some of the key updates that Mango offers right from the jump.


1. Multitasking:

wp7_mango_multitask If any one device software platform has managed to get it right, MS-WP7.5 got it great! Simple to use, without having to double click anything or drag down onscreen columns that only become unusable should there be any issue with screen functionality. Just tap and hold the captive ‘Back Arrow’ button located to the left and below the screen and you are brought to a “one row” of currently running or paused apps. Swiping left or right will shows the apps and tapping on the preferred app will activate it for use. You even have the ability to give “Priority” to certain apps. What this means is, you can now allow an application to either be active or not be active while in the background. This feature allows for better conservation of battery life. Still, in no way is battery life an issue for the device, but how sweet is it to know that it never will be?


2. The Zune Music + Video:

WindowsPhone7MusicHub The Zune Music Hub has also received its share of tweaks, allowing for a better user feel. For example, when you sync music to the device from the Zune software on your PC; the device will show all newly added music in a vertical top to bottom scrollable row, still allowing for horizontal panning in the hub for viewing your history of music played, Hub start screen, and other music related apps. Intuitive only describes in part the Music+Video hubs functionality. Nothing cluttered or hard to get to. Everything is acutely place for the best view possible. For those that find themselves unable to physically interact with the WP7 device but are currently listening to music from the device, there is a golden feature that will help you out when receiving SMS (Text) messages and can’t quite get a hold of the phone. I’m not going to spoil it for you, check out the video below!


3. Bing Search

WP7.5 Mango Bing ScoutThe Bing Search has received some great new ways to bring the world around you, to you! A Bing Scout button has been added to the row of on-screen buttons; in the app itself. By tapping the ‘Scout’ button at the bottom of the Bing home screen it will bring you to three scrollable rows of features as you see in the above picture.  Shop – Eat+Drink – See+Do, gives you the local availability of anything around you that you might want to check out. Powered by the devices’ GPS (Global Positioning System) and internet data information, the app will show any venues; based on you current location everything available under the criteria of shopping, restaurants and or bars as well as sights amusements and attractions. You still have the option in the Bing search box to type in a specific location or just tap the Microphone icon button and speak what you would like to be found. Enjoying some music while at a party and really would not mind adding it to your collection? Not a problem for the Bing app at all! Just tap on the ‘Music Note’ from the Bing home screen and let the app find it for you through the Zune service’s massive catalog. It will then direct you straight to the Zune music + video hub to be downloaded straight to your device. The app is actually intergraded into the device itself, so simply tapping the captive search button on the lower right side of the device just below the screen will activate the application. That simple!


4. Windows Phone People Hub:

windows-phone-7-series-people-hub The ‘People’ hub received some great new improvements. Features like the ability to now add groups to your contacts is one of the many. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Windows Live notifications can all show up in the People hub, making it very easy to view any and everything going on with any contact that post to one of the services you have linked. You also have the option of disallowing one or all of the services from displaying notifications in the People Hub. The actual People tile is a “live” tile that will give you tiny pictures of all your contact’s ‘Main Facebook Profile picture’ or any picture you have assigned to the contact. These picture rotate periodically, showing another contacts picture. They say it is the small things that make us smile!


5. XBox Live Hub:

WP7.5 Xbox Live Hub The Xbox Live Hub is a Gamers dream come true! For those of you that Game on Xbox 360, knowing when your friends are online is a great thing the the live hub will actually bring to you. You also have the ability to send messages right through the Xbox live hub as well, notifying any friends that; “you will be home soon and will be jumping into the action.” The message recipient will be notified right on their T.V. screen that they have a message from you. You can also customize your Xbox avatar directly from your WP device, view and manage your personal profile, play other downloaded Xbox live games, view friend requests, messages and check out the what’s new about other Xbox live titles.


6. Pictures Hub:

WP7.5 Mango Pictures Hub The Pictures Hub is a fully functioning tool that integrates directly into your Facebook account. This feature allows for you to post pictures from your device, to your account, as well as view your Facebook Albums and pictures right there from the Pictures hub. You can also view the pictures of your Facebook contacts from the ‘What’s New’ tab as they update them on their Facebook account, or go the People Tab, select choose contact and view all of a contacts Facebook Albums and the pictures within. Flawless technology at the tips of your fingers!


So to sum this all up, the new Mango update for Windows Phone 7 should not only satisfy your thirst for the new and improved but properly accommodate any need you may have when using a mobile device. Although I only touched on six, key features of the Mango update, let me tell you that the list goes on and on! Tethering through internet sharing, email integration of accounts, etc.!  I must say that I am totally happy with this update and sure that if you choose Windows Phone powered by Mango you to will be just as happy.

Thanks for reading, Lifestyles Defined.

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