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Windows Phone Mango killer feature – Voice-to-text video

Windows Phone Mango killer feature - Voice-to-text

check out the video to see how it works. its pretty much ahead everything else offered on the market right now.

In an era where technologies compete on brand rather than features, I’m always on the lookout for features that differentiate one platform from another. I think I’ve found a feature that differentiates Windows Phone ‘Mango’ from the pack – Voice-to-text.

Windows Phone 7.5 ‘Mango’ was released to manufacturing (RTMed) a few days ago so now begins the long wait for handsets to appear running this OS. But when it does come out, I really like the sound of the voice-to-text feature. here is is being described by Bill Pardi on the Windows Team Blog:

‘On a recent run around town with my wife to grab dinner and pick up one of the kids, a text message came in from my son. Not an unusual event in itself, but what made this message interesting is that my phone read it aloud to me – and I replied back with my voice.’



source zdnet

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